Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)


The world is in the midst of a gas revolution. Even the sober International Energy Agency refers to a scenario it calls a “Golden age of gas”. If such optimism proves right, the implications would not only be far greater than those of the eurozone’s painful dissolution, but would also be economically positive. Never forget that ours is a civilisation built on cheap supplies of commercial energy. The economic rise of emerging countries is bound to make the demand for commercial energy increase dramatically in the decades ahead. Gas matters.

OnDeck Shipping Agency through it's network provides high quality services with strong creativity in mixing grades while being able to handle physical trading transactions from A to Z with dedication and professionalism.Further to establishing and sustaining relationships with key suppliers and refiners in our area, the core of our business is based on :

  • Negotiating contracts for purchase or sale of LPG cargoes and on the same time coordinating logistics to ensure timely and cost effective delivery of LPG shipments
  • Constantly tracking and monitoring world market movements
  • Monitoring all upcoming tenders in our area (Greece and Balkan States)